Yoga classes for ladies

Weight loss! This is one of the main issues women face in the current scenario. We have got these modern eating habits that range from fast foods to toxic items that have contributed to lifestyle diseases that would make you overweight, stress you and would take a huge toll on your physical as well as mental health. Some of the main questions women have in mind regarding yoga are –

How effective is yoga to help me lose weight? How long does it take for me to lose weight and what type of yoga would help me in losing weight?

Basically, Yoga is a great physical exercise to tune your mind with your body. The type of yoga and how long it takes to get the best results, depend entirely on you! Something that we all face as women are that, we won’t get the time and space to practice yoga. It is either the household chores or the hectic daily work schedules that eat up all our time. But in between all these, you really need to find some time for your health!

It is said that practicing yoga for three months would give you the best results. It gets your posture corrected, and the best part is you wouldn’t gain many pounds, you can relieve from those stomach issues and about sleep patterns – you would be getting great sleep. You would be relieved from stress issues and no more back pains!

Emirates Karate, a leading centre for yoga has certified yoga trainers who would train and motivate you in the right path in knowing your mind and body. Our trainers respect the uniqueness; we offer advice according to the respective client’s body and requirements.

We have a weight loss yoga studio especially for women conducted by women trainers. If you are concerned about losing huge chunks of weight just approach us! We would be happy to guide you! Now, don’t you get enough time to visit our centre? Shuttling between work and home has given you no time to invest to visit our centre? We even provide personalized services by a female personal trainer at Abu Dhabi at your home. You need not visit us, we have personal trainers for ladies yoga who would visit your home and conduct the lessons at home.

Interested to know more? Well, you can visit us; have a quick chat with our yoga community! Well, are you interested in our training sessions conducted at home then, do contact us, we would do the needful!