The Khalidiya yoga studio

The Khalidiya Yoga Studio

Yoga has currently evolved as a physical exercise that would sync your mind with your body. But how important it is to practice yoga? It helps you release tension and stress and concentrate more on your goals. If you have issues with insomnia, doing yoga would help you get good sleep.

In between your busy daily schedules, it is essential to spare some time for your body, heart, and mind. And the best way to attain peace is to regularly practice yoga. But you need to get the right guidance to maximize the results. Yoga is all about postures, breathing exercises, postures etc and if you don’t get them right, the results wouldn’t be great!

Emirates karate provide classes for different types of yoga. Yoga can be done in an intense way or for relaxation. Yoga isn’t like the gym; one type of yoga doesn’t fit all. You need to choose the type of yoga that syncs with your body. Now let us have a look at the different types of yoga.

Hatha yoga is all about a few gentle kinds of movements and postures that would help you relax. If you are a beginner in yoga, Hatha yoga is the best to get started with.

Have you ever seen yoga done with some electronic music or pump music?? Yes, that is Vinyasa Yoga. It is basically composed of a few dynamic movements, and postures that aren’t very long. This type of yoga is practiced mainly by the athletes who require fast motion exercise.

Now, about Iyengar Yoga. This is the kind of yoga where the main focus is on the accuracy of the postures. Here postures aren’t short lived and fast-paced. We have certified yoga trainers at Emirates Karate who would provide you information regarding each pose.

Are you looking out for a yoga practice to burn your heat? Ashtanga Yoga is the apt one, it has got a series of steps and poses you need to follow according to the guidelines. Bikram Yoga is a ninety-minute sequence that is composed of breathing movement and exercises in a routine. If your aim is to balance and sync your mind with your body, Yin yoga is the best one. You might need a few classes to get used to this type of yoga.

Emirates Karate is known as an art of yoga centre. We have certified yoga professionals and we make sure that the quality of our classes is very high. We conduct yoga classes in Abu Dhabi Khalidiya. We conduct art of living program in Abu Dhabi, which is a fusion of meditation, a few breathing exercises, and yoga. Interested to join us? Well check our location and pay us a visit!