Kickboxing Styles that you need to know

One of the most noted kickboxing techniques used in famous competitive arenas is the hook punch style. This technique bashes the opponent from the side and leaves them faltering with less time to get back on track. Kickboxing is a highly forceful sport of touch that can use different moves like spin, kick, hit, punch and pounce on the other opponent.

  1. Lethwei: This is a Burmese style of kickboxing which focuses only on attacks using the head. No limbs can be used to strike. It is also called by the name of Bando kickboxing and allows the boxer to land above the opponent.

  2. Adithada: This is the conventional Indian type of kickboxing that uses the force of elbow, knee and also the forehead to move and attack.

  3. Gwon-gyokdo: A Korean version of boxing and a mix of Taekwondo and Muay Thai and essentially followed only in Korea.

  4. Cardio Kickboxing: A simple kickboxing technique that keeps you energized, fit and does not emphasize more on health and fitness rather than fights.

  5. Sanshou: A Chinese kickboxing form of martial art that permits the boxers to defeat the opponent by slamming them to the ground. It uses kung fu tactics and throws are used effectively at the right moments.

  6. Yaw-Yan: Also famously called as Sayawng Kamatayan. It means the ‘dance of death’ and was developed by the famous master named Napoleon Fernandez. Downward movements are given importance along with more focus on the hips and lower parts of the body. The style concentrates on stealth and fast thinking.

  7. Muay Thai: A traditional martial art form that is Thai in essence and, utilizes elbow and knee strikes. This is a technique which is used quite popularly in modern kickboxing competitions and is said to give immediate results.

  8. Pradal Serey: A Cambodian style of kickboxing that came up before Muay Thai but stresses, only on elbow attacks.

This list is not conclusive and over the years, new forms and techniques have been developed by kickboxing masters all over the world. What we do notice is that, these have basically similar techniques, with a subtle difference in moves. Those subtle moves make this sport all the more worth watching.

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