What does Karate teach you?

  1. Shotokan-ryu: Funakoshi brought this method of karate intro the martial arts world and named it Shotokan. This form deals with elegant linear moves that are hard yet powerful.

  2. Shito-ryu: Mabuni established Shito-ryu form of karate. He was a Samurai and went forward to specialize in this Okinawan martial art. The art is known for its stylish moves that is surely a beauty to our eyes.

  3. Goju-ryu: Kanryo Higashionna formulated the technique of Goju-ryu. A tricky set of karate moves that are soft in nature that aims at joints and locks of the human body, hence bringing your opponent under your control without much effort.

  4. Wado-ryu: This is a mixed bledn of Shotokan and jujitsu (a grappling form of martial arts)

  5. Shorin-ryu: Developed by Shorin and a famous art form demonstrated in Chinese temples.

  6. Chito-ryu: This technique uses fast moves that enable the upper part of the body to defend swiftly and steadily.

  7. Kyokushinkai: This method focuses on many hard blows and knocks out and best used during competitions and really critical situations.

Each body has a capacity and it is only when we get involved in any art form, we know our true strengths and weakness. So, martial arts gives the individual the opportunity to find out what they can do, how much more they need to practice and stay fit, build confidence and gain the mental power to face the world with a positive and fearless outlook.

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