Karate- The Right Way of Self Defense

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Emirates Karate is all about good health, a calm mind and a sound and strong lifestyle. Emirates Karate aims at safety, character building, and the self esteem and mental strength of the individual. Emirates Karate focuses on Karate classes for kids and adults and this is what we are going to explore.

Why choose Karate from Emirates Karate?

  1. Weapon Free: Karate is an art of self defense that uses no weapons. A historical Japanese defense art that enables a person to be alert and counter attack any unpredictable moves posed by their attackers.

  2. Discipline: A science builds mental and physical discipline in the mind, body and soul of the individual.

  3. Stability: You have a kid who is impatient, and cannot sit calm for a short period of time? Then, we would recommend our Emirates Karate Classes for your little one. Now, the reason behind this is that it helps build concentration on movements. The child needs to think and watch their opponent a lot to quickly grasp and think of the correct move in defense. This brings more stability in their thoughts and they learn how to note small incidents and scenes in daily life. It keeps them busy and self composed.

  4. Obesity: Of course, obesity is a known issue to our younger generation. These martial arts classes aim to move the body; and help to break down the fat without the person realizing that that they are part of a healthy exercise plan that is natural, and healthy.

For more info please look What does Karate teach you?


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This guys the best karate in Abu Dhabi

This guy the best karate in Abu Dhabi

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Karate Class in Abu dhabi

High quality training and professional team

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Well Trained professional instructor.

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