What all can you learn from Karate?

When you read about people being mugged or attacked on the streets, you probably find yourself wondering that it would be great if you knew Karate or some other martial arts to protect yourself. Well, there is a great centre where you can learn martial arts  at Abu Dhabi, with the most popular form being Karate. This weapon less Japanese martial art develops the defensive skills of a person and enables him to counterattack his victim too. While, Karate certainly has many physical benefits like improved reflexes, stronger muscle mass and better cardiovascular health, you’ll be surprised to know that there’s a lot that a person can actually learn from Karate.

Karate teaches self-defence like no other martial art, especially Shotokan Karate. This martial art form is an art of complete mastery of the self, not just a system of kicks, blocks or hand strikes. Martial Arts Abu Dhabi also places significance on defending yourself, rather than striking the attacker, in their Karate classes. There is great emphasis on basic techniques, sparring forms and drills, resulting in students with excellent technique and a well-rounded understanding of karate. Apart from Karate, self-defence classes are also a great way to learn how to protect oneself, be more aware of surroundings and improve reflexes. Most centres offering mixed martial arts Abu Dhabi will offer short courses of self-defence classes too.

Another key trait that students of Karate gain is that of focus. While training for martial arts  at Abu Dhabi, students are taught how to maintain their focus and not get distracted. Karate involves combat that is hand-to-hand, and hence focus is crucial in Karate, particularly to avoid injury to the opponent. Focus is a difficult art to master, and is often improved through meditation. Focus helps one to achieve goals quicker, and will likely help a person in other situations in his life.

Mixed martial arts Abu Dhabi offers you various martial arts to master. You could train in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo or Kung Fu among others. But you’ll find that all martial arts have a common thread – they all teach a person to become more disciplined. For example, in Karate, the kicks, hand strike and other movements are all aimed at defending oneself without injuring the attacker. Self-control is of extreme importance here. Similarly, martial arts  helps a person increase his will power and strengthens him physically and mentally.

Through mixed martial arts and Self-defence classes being offered, it’s time to train in martial arts to protect yourself and others, as well as to physically and spiritually enhance yourselves.

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