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Kickboxing is one of those martial sports which you can call upon in the category of boxing but with some other techniques, such as in this one can use both legs and hands for striking purposes while in boxing only hands are brought in use, which makes it get differentiated from boxing. It is believed that this term here was first brought in introduction in Japan by Osamu Noguchi who is a promoter of boxing art in Japan and which also indicates about how this sport is linked with the area in there. Also while going on for this sport, one should know that this can be practiced for both as a full-contact fighting sport or general health and has many of those kickboxing benefits for men and women too.

History of Kickboxing

Now, as we look up for the definition of kickboxing or also which we can call upon by the name of cardio kickboxing, it is that major sport which includes both kicking and punching, most of the time used for self-defence and general fitness. This was being introduced in the competition of many of those fighting styles which were already in action such as boxing, taekwondo, karate and many more. There are many of the styles which are included in this martial sport and all of them were introduced, not only in Japan but also in United states, which at the end, formed a very new sport for people to give their practice on in different parts of their nations. It is also believed that inspiration of introducing this sport came from Muay Thai, which at first initiated in Thailand.

Also, this sport is considered as that fusion sport which includes those many of the combinations from different types of martial arts exercises. However, this is not something which one can look up for specifically in the book of history, but yes, this is said that many of those techniques which can also be considered as that earliest form of kickboxing actually originated from those initial Indochinese martial arts. Moving over as we move towards the evolution of modern techniques, it can be said that this all started in 1950, when many of the masters of martial arts from the area of Japan started combining the techniques of martial arts with muaythai.

Now, as this port came to trend, there were many of the competitions placed between people who used to practice muaythai and also on the other side the one with kickboxing. Then by the time of 1970 and 1980, this sport took its range to the other parts of world such as north America and Europe, but still by now the difference between this new sport and karate was not that much clear, as by when many of the associations related to the same are not maintained. But as more and more people got to learn about the cardio kickboxing benefits, there are those huge number of people who are linked to the same.

Why should one start this?

Now, you know that this is the sport which can be of help in defending yourself from some really tough situations, but the main point in here is that benefits does not really ends with this one point as there are many of those other points, many of those physical benefits of kickboxing which can make anyone to give this sport a try, maybe at-least once. Some of which are here, described below:

  • Gain your confidence:

    Gain confidence through kick boxing

    This can help in improving up your confidence. How? It is been said that this sport demands the great level of aggression which on other part also help people out in gaining confidence. Looking up for some scientific reason? Well, it is been said that as you get a training for kickboxing, endorphins are released through your brain which are very well-known to get the mood elevated and also the improvement in confidence is noticed. Also, there are some of those kickboxing benefits for body which can get them take a step forward towards the same.

  • Weight loss:

    weight loss by training kickboxing

    So, this is the next point which can make you go for the sport as it makes it easy for one in losing your body weight and there is no point to give any long explanation to that thing, obviously. There are many of thosebenefits of kickboxing for weight loss such as it helps one in burning their body calories, and according to the statistics it is said that with one hour of this exercise one can get their 800 calories burnt.

  • Elevate the energy level:

    Is it normal that you feel low in energy sometimes? Well, it’s okay, here this sport will also help you out in gaining more of the energy which can make you feel active 24/7.Though, at first when you start with this exercise there is a possibility that you may feel really tired or fatigued at the end, but with time passing you can get used to it and then get the best results out of this. Also, by getting into it, one can experience that kickboxing changed body which can boost up the energy to more and more times.

  • Stress reduced:

    stress relief by kickboxing

    You know, environment and lifestyle today is so much exhausting that at the end of day, you always feel your mind get stressed, which can be for some occasions related to your office or some colleague, your friend, college or anything. But how can it be made possible to get out of this trap? This is the question which everyone is looking forward to find solution for same. So, here’s the answer, this exercise can help you out in getting all of your stress reduced and as per many of the studies it is also proved that these exercises can help people to get their stress removed.

  • Coordination improvised:Now, this is for those who are already in this line of making their sport improvised with each and every other level. Bringing this exercise in practice can make you get that proper balance on coordination, which will also help in resulting proper muscle building and also lots of improvement in your moves and various other things.

  • More and more connections:

    Kickboxing team photo of emirates karate center Abu Dhabi

    You know, very other person nowadays is becoming a part of this lifestyle which includes gym and so which makes it quite possible for you to meet so many new people which can match your interests and also can understand you. So, what is more fun than meeting more people and becoming friends with them, which can be there to listen to you like every other day.To add more one should also know that kickboxing good for toning and thus make it good for people to have that best of the results for same.

There are many of those gyms in which this kickboxing has taken its place over and there are many people who are practising it and also making the best out of it by joining those many of the cardio kickboxing classes. Although, there are many other types which includes in this kickboxing and that can suit one all according to their needs and also their body type.

Myths of kickboxing

Also, there are many of those who don’t bother to give this thing a try as there are many of the myths which are related to this exercise such as:

1. Not easy to learn: There are people who believe that this is not that much easy to learn. But according to those factual points it is believed that, the one who is not with any kind of sports background can learn this but cannot take this so much far to make any professional background in same and on the other side, the one who has that same background can learn this very quickly and make the best out of it. There are many people who by doing these kickboxing workouts can get the best results out of it.

2. Dangerous: People think that this is some kind of dangerous sport which can lead to some serious harm to body. But in fact there is nothing like that, some people need to learn that there are many of those health benefits of taking kickboxing classesand also this sport is as much easy and safe as any kind of other sport such as running or football or anything. As with every passing day, there is that huge trend linked to this sport which made many of the schools and organizations to give training related to same. So, basically there is nothing like that and this is too much easy to give a try to.

3. Banned in US state: There are many people who believe that this sport is also once being banned at the part of US. Well, the fact is that it is only banned in some state of New York, and that too according to the law in there. There is not that athletic commission which can make peole take a participation in same.

4. Too violent: So, there are also some people according to whom this sport is too much fierce to be practiced in their nation. Now, in defence if which the only thing that can be said is that there are different components related to the same such as judo, taekwondo, freestyle wrestling and many more which are at most brought in use to make people learn to respect. There are many of those women who are joining these classes to learn this martial art thing which can help them in self-defence when there is no one to help them out, because obviously they are aware of the kickboxing benefits for women.

5. No professionalism: Also, there are some myths according to which this sport is not that professional as any other which is already in market and making people get participated in same. But these people need to learn that there are many of those professional fighters which are being the part of same thing.

So, if in any case you made your plan to join these fitness classes, then find that best of the fitness centre near you by typing on “cardio kickboxing classes near me” or maybe according to the location you reside in such as “Kickboxing classes in abudhabi”, in Google and then find the best one.

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