Trophies aren’t made of gold they are made of sweat

Khushi Saxena is a young, determined and strong girl from India. Her eyes opened with many dreams on 10th October, 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a very joyful and supportive family! Fortunately, she found an amazing karate instructor in India and her training started at the early age of 5. With her coach’s guidance ,practice and the positive power of karate she played her 1st International Karate Championship in Pune and got the Bronze medal in 2009.
Her turning point came when her father got deputed to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Here she met Sensei Shan and Sensei Nisen. She praises and respects them more than God in her life. With her parents and coach’s support and guidance, she received her 1st Degree Black Belt / 1st Dan Belt in 2018 and along with that she won many accolades and trophies, few internationals and others like :
11th Emirates Karate 2018, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯‡
Winner Cup 2018, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯ˆ
Budokan Cup 2018, Dubai – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯ˆ
3rd AKC 2018, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯‡
12th Annual Emirates Karate 2019, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯‡
4th AKC Martial Arts 2019, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯‡
13th Annual Emirates Karate 2020, AbuDhabi – KumiteπŸ₯‡ KataπŸ₯ˆ
and many more. Not ended here she is the one who also got her 2nd Degree Black Belt / 2nd Dan Belt in 2020. Khushi is a girl who wants to chase her dreams and make it happen!

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