About Us

Each of the styles taught at Emirates Karate help in honing the various interacting components of a person’s self. The dynamics and energy involved help keep one’s muscles moving, gradually improving body coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility. The benefits of this kind of continual training get transferred to the internal bodily systems as well. Students who practise martial arts would also see an improvement in body regulation, with both adults and children seeing a marked improvement in overall health, from better reflexes and reduced stress, to prevention of cardiovascular problems, and improved immunity. The disciplines taught here also contribute to the exercising and strengthening of the mind. Students practice strategizing and planning along with the understanding of different movements. Martial arts becomes more than just routines to memorize – it involves a deeper appreciation of the roots of the form, greater awareness of the external world, as well as learning how to focus and direct one’s thoughts.

Emirates Karate accepts students of all ages, with both children and adults finding improvements in their daily lives. There are reports of people finding it easier to deal with daily woes, having a lot more enthusiasm in their work and other activities, and being able to manage tasks much faster than before. Adults would find themselves being better able to handle stress and responsibilities which then result in a more satisfactory lifestyle. People of all ages learnto focus their thoughts, develop healthy ways of expressing their emotions, and also cultivate the virtue of patience. These result in better concentration, reduced aggression, and a great amount of introspection as well. Students begin to understand the way in which their minds and bodies coordinate, their strengths and weaknesses, their ideals and morals, what drives them, and how to utilize each part of themselves to their best capability. Such wholesome developments in personal growth are what Emirates Karate strives towards every day in every one of its disciplines.es can enjoy. Presently we are having two branches, one in Hamdan Street and the second one in Salam Street. The website is owned and managed by Emirates Karate Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi.