Welcome to Emirates Karate

  • Kids showing respect and fitness to master Shan
    We teach respect everyday
  • Yoga class
    Helps with concentration
  • Kick at karate class
    Builds self confidence
  • Children learning self defence through Karate
    Meet new people, learn an authentic and realistic from of karate from qualified instructors
  • punch at karate class
    "when you walk into class you know that you are going to learn something that really will help you."
  • Master Shan with black belt holder
    From Beginner to Black Belt We will be with you every step of the way
  • boxing class at emirates sports centre
    Excellent for keeping fit
  • Group photo of karate students and instructors at emirates karate centre

We are an Established group that has been teaching Martial Arts in Abu Dhabi since1984. Emirates Karate has been cultivating the minds, bodies, and spirits of over 10,000 students by training them in the various forms of karate, kung Fu, kick boxing, dance, and yoga. With a branch each on Hamdan Street and Salam Street of Abu Dhabi, this institute is focused on providing an top-notch martial arts instruction to the students, as well an all-round positivity in their lives, starting from the very experience they get at the learning centers. In accordance with these missions goals, the World Karate Champion, and a multitude of other qualified instructors with international experience are Sensei at the institute.