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Emirates Karate Centre is a well-established group that has been teaching Martial Arts in Abu Dhabi since 1984. Our instructors include World Karate Champion and fully qualified & experienced Sensei‘s (Teachers). Our mission is to build strong minds, bodies, and spirit. It takes pride in providing the highest quality instruction for different forms of karate, kung Fu, kick boxing and yoga in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy. Through the years, the centre has trained more than 17,500 students within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Presently we are conducting classes in 10 different locations in Abu Dhabi. Our branches are located at Salam Street , Khalifa City, Near Al Wahda Mall , Muroor and Near Khalidiya Park.

We work as a team and combine our talents so we can be of a great service to you.

Karate | Kung Fu | Kick Boxing | Yoga


Emirates Karate is all about good health, a calm mind and a sound and strong lifestyle. Emirates Karate aims at safety, character building, and the self esteem and mental strength of the individual.


Kung Fu is Chinese martial arts originated at the Shaolin Temple there is some evidence to suggest that the Chinese martial arts were well developed before the Shaolin Temple was built.


Kick Boxing

Emirates Karate focuses on Kickboxing classes for kids and adults as, it not only helps build a sound character but keeps you fit, alert, and in vigour and shape all the time.


Yoga is a form of life that combines body, mind and nature with fitness, faith and science. It is a discipline that had formed its roots from ancient times and is based on Pre Vedic Indian beliefs and traditions.

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Welcome to Emirates Karate
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